Megan Kuharski

Meagan started her hair styling career in a small town south of Houston, and with 1/4 of the population. Growing up in a town of this size gave her the customer service experience she needed to treat each and every client as if she had known them for years. It also gave her the desire to pursue a more challenging angle of hair styling and to broaden her aspirations. She stumbled onto our doorstep after relentlessly searching for a salon in Houston that provided the family aspect she was accustomed to, but also a salon that shared her passion for education and the desire to improve and change. She been in the hair industry since 2006 and brings with her a wealth of brand and product knowledge. She specializes in blondes and balayage. She loves to explore new trends, not only with hair, but also with fashion, which shows in every outfit she wears. As one of her clients puts it, “I just never know what Meagan I’m going to get when I show up, she’s always wearing something new and different!”